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Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fill-ins

1. I hope I can get the ferns divided today now that the weather is cooling down.... again. I have so much else to do, that such a big job may have to wait until Sunday.  October is the month to divide ferns.
2. What to do when such steamy, hot weather runs up  from hurricanes in the Gulf of California?
3. Boy I sure did enjoy resting yesterday after exercise class.  We got a work out!
4. Remind me to call the doctor to get another set of arms installed so I can get more done.
5. What does the surgery cost run, I wonder?  An arm and a leg?
6. It makes me tired, all this too hot weather in mid October!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating nachos and watching netflix, tomorrow my plans include, if not done today, shopping for dried pods and flowers for the cornucopias, and Sunday, I want to make some green bead earrings, and some fall color earrings for my DD's and a friend!

Bird report:  Yesterday the garden was filled to the brim with birds!  We now have three Allen's Hummingbirds buzzing around our heads-they get very close and pause for a good, deep look into our eyes- when we go outside.  I wonder what they would do if we ran away, screaming!?

 There is now the sweet song of wintering White Crowns, juvenile and adults.  The winter Wren scolds us, too, as well as  lots of noisy little sparrows- English and Chipping- and, of course, the Towhee family, resident Mockingbird - now that the Scrub Jays moved on - as well as House Finches, BushTits and Gnat Catchers, and Wilson's warblers.  There was also a Nashville Warbler yesterday, which was amazing.  I heard the call and saw the bird a day ago.  DH was watering the tomato plants so there was the attractive sound of splashing water.  Warblers like the sound and will investigate it.

At ceramics on Tuesday we saw this vehicle again. 

Very fun to see and a reminder that Christmas is coming!

 Big Trucks on the way to the River for gravel.. on Wednesday... for LBL.

There were three double trailers but I couldn't get them all in!  So Big!

Sky watcher post.  No rain from a very cloud day

A big swirl of cloudiness moves in from the Gulf of California on Thursday

We didn't get rain from it at all but the cloudy days made for cooler weather, which was nice for a change!


  1. I've always wanted to decorate a car. I am too scaredy, somehow.

  2. Lol, me too! We had an old green Pontiac Catalina in the 80's, that would have made a perfect Urban Assault Vehicle, HUGE car. It would have really made a great UAV, especially after it had been through two accidents. But I was too chicken to paint it with spray cans and to weather the affront of the neighbors. They didn't seem to have a very good sense of humor, even in the best of times.

  3. Okay, #4 and #5 had me rolling! I suppose it would just cancel out...get an arm but it will cost you an arm and maybe even a leg. MMM? Have a happy weekend! RM :)

  4. Thank you,RM,and I wish you a happy weekend,too! I guess the surgery is not as good as hiring a cleaning company. lol

  5. Oh, how I enjoyed your bird report...ahhh, those friday fill-ins- I did not want to participate this week (I would have been way to blatant..more than I like on my blog ;) Only in CA, huh? What a mini van!

  6. I thought the backyard bird count was really good that day. We also have a barn owl, and some sort of very dark hawk sighted - two days in a row for the latter.

    And yes, only in CA. lol! I think the plates are from another state though. But they all seem to "land" here in Fall. hehehe

    Blatancy on a blog has to have limits. I do not blame you in the least! lol


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