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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday- Brigands and Angels

Today, with the sudden realization that - for physical, emotional and spiritual reasons - I can no longer read or watch things that PISS ME OFF, I'm free to be an undercover agent of change while outwardly appearing to be a Pollyanna. For all this I'm thankful.

One of the bloggers who writes Sunday Stealing posts, said that if She were Emperor of the world, one rule would be, "Everybody eats!"  What a wonderful world that would be!  Since arms traders are responsible for a lot of crop disruption... just check the records, they need to go.

And, since the estimate for yearly death toll from starvation Worldwide is 30,000,000 humans - mostly little kids, this would be a very good rule (see first paragraph) indeed.  Also, I feel this horrid toll is reason enough to say grace daily.  It is a privilege to to eat everyday.

I'm thankful that my kids get to eat everyday, and that they have a roof over their heads.  It's a very big deal.

I can't overtly engage the enemy but I can covertly oppose them.  Oxfam Hurrah!  Doctor's without Borders!  Women for Women!

I plan to be UP all day!
Come Fly with me?


  1. If everyone had some food every day - a wonderful goal. My children were not always so lucky.
    It is not the growing and producing of food that is the problem, it is the distribution and the costs. Major corporations own much of the food supply through outright ownership or futures trading.
    Have you ever been in real need and been unable to ask for help or unable to get it? Some people demand help. Others are so low they can not do this. It is this truly needy group that deserves help to access daily food and other requirements such as shelter.
    How can the capable assist the hungry before they become the desperate? Not with sit-down money. Not with hand-outs. I believe education is the key to long term success, education about attitudes towards other people. There is no short term cure.

  2. Thank you for your excellent observations. What you say is true, that it is the costs of distribution, and the interference of large corporations that can move in on local growers of say, rice, and pull the price right out of their ability to sell on the local markets. Since the corporations are aware of the result, I tag them as criminals.

    Another thing is the wastage, especially where there is an excess of food, like the US. We throw away practically enough food to feed a continent. That, in my view, is sinful.

    In Africa and other nations where perennial warfare is going on, aided and abetted by arms dealers, Oxfam has a campaign, very ambitious but not impossibly so, to stop the trade in arms. They are taking it worldwide because the arms come from all over the place.

    I hope that no one in your family goes hungry again, Louise.


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