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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Wordless Wednesday today! Google Rant!

This started on the day that I uploaded pictures to Google's site for that.

I'm mad as hell at Google.  I can't log into my own blog page but I can log into the Dashboard.  What sort of game is played when you finally take on Google 1 and it screws up your blog?

CHANGES:  the second problem is with embedded comment forms.  I've switched away from the embedded one and to a full page comment page from the dashboard page of the blog.  This made it possible to be able to comment on my OWN blog!

I'll just use Wordpress for other blogs which are not Blogger blogs until/and if Google fixes this mess. 

Am I the only one who is unable to log onto my own blog?

Yes, I've gone to their help.  They said to toss all the cookies, empty the cache, toss the history and restart.  I've done all that.  One woman in their help chat just said she would use her other blog and can the one she was having problems on.  Maybe I'll do that do?  I am paying them to keep my pictures so it's not like this is free. 

I knew Google 1 was a big mistake.  I should trust my instincts.

Let me count the ways!

Good bye cruel Google World!  For the night anyway. I hope it's the ONLY valentine you get!

UPDATE:  Google can't get it right even on their Chrome Browser.   There are a lot of complaints but when you go to help, they want you to put your info up in a public forum.  DUH!  


  1. I would love to change to a different platform because I love the idea of being able to have a conversation on my blog within the comments for people that respond. Keep a public dialogue. It's quite annoying! Grrrr!!!!

  2. April, I think it's something to do with Versions of browsers because the tiny netbook doesn't have the same problem and both run mozilla.

    I'll check it out tomorrow and make a post about it if that's the case. DH has helped me a lot because it was his job before he retired. he keeps current.

  3. Google is a pain to try and contact. It's like they've automated their whole operation and there are no actual humans left!! I hope you get it figured out!!

  4. I agree, Rabia. They are a pain to try to get something straightened out. I've finally just used a different browser for the page and it's working so, not exactly ALL is fair in love and war, and Google wants it it's way. It's way or the highway, I reckon. Without Mr.Z to battle through this with, I must confess I would have thrown in the tile and trashed the blog. More Knitting time!


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