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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Musings about the beauty of friendship

This morning, while musing, I'm drinking some delicious Yogi chai Rooibos tea, a gift from a lovely friend who visited yesterday with her sweet and gorgeous daughter who happens to love books and cacti!  Yay!
~*~(((((((New Friend hugzzzzz)))))))~*~

 I thought of how friendship, and this particular one, has shaped my response to life, as well as making more bearable the inevitable downturns in my time on Mother Earth.  And I'm so thankful for having these friends!

 Friendship is the the pathway to extending families; as our children grow up and marry, this links other families to ours.  We build a network through friendship that expands in ways, both good, and possibly not so good.  But the beauty of the latter is that goodness and fellow feeling has a chance to work some magic on more people and might actually help them.

People live in an ever expanding network of fellowship, and it starts when kindred spirits meet, and say hello for the very first time.  What a beautiful cycle it is!

May you meet up with old friends this evening, and meet new kindred spirits in this new year!  Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you!!!
    Yay for Yogi tea - it's my favorite brand and it's organic to boot :-)

  2. Happy New Year, Karen!
    Ah, you have experienced the joys of Yoga tea already. Yay! We had to find it on the web because it wasn't available in stores here, though a lot of organic teas are. Chai Rooibos is delicious.


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