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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Going Back to mostly knitting

I'm regrouping because that HUGE wave in my Early adult dreams finally engulfed my life.  It feels like the time to wobble off and make stuff on the needles.

Anyway, In 2004 that's what was going on here- a knitting blog.  Joining Knitter's Review that year, well before Ravelry came on line and took off like a rocket - sock knitting and KR were the most fun I'd had for ages!

And then there is this, for mental health....Good Old Yarn Bombing!
SOURCE  i think
And, sock knitting turned out to be a purple passion for me.  The welcome in the forums was warm and cozy,and several people greeted almost every new sock knitter with,"Welcome to the dark side!"

There's been a sea change in life for Mr. Z and I, so much that I don't care what the "World of Puttzez" are doing.  I'll trust that, "time wounds all heels", and that their time will come.

OK then....First comes finishing the pink Stardust.  Then I'm going to be making a couple of hats, beanies, really, and I've ordered two colors of Italian Cashmere from Webs to do that -  Aqua and a deep purple.

The long languishing pink Stardust sweater is inching toward the finish line, and I'll be using up the stashed sock yarns. It's freaking time to knit! Yes, you may expect fotos.

What ever hits my little "eye" in the way of beauty, I will post as well - unexpected hearts, see it?  Right next to the wedding ring....it's really just a bottle cap.  :-)

Heart Embedded in Asphalt in the Middle of a Street 
Pretty much that's where my heart feels like it is- out there, flattened in the road..  Like Smellyann before me,, no one better say "this too shall pass" or I'm not responsible for what happens next. It may well be true for some things, like angst handed out by teenagers, but grief lasts until you take your last breath on this Earth.. Anyway, back to Smelleyann.... If you aren't reading there, you are missing out on a shed load of fun.  She's brilliant fun.  In fact, you should hang with the 9ers and Thieves to stay sane.  I'm going to do the memes of the week but I'll pass for Thursday.  No thanks for now.

Toodles!  See you soon but, I know, not if you see me first!  I'm down with that.  ;-)


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