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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Entertaining your brain whilst under the influence of Fate.

I'm doing this over several days.  It could be rough, rambling and choppy as well as riddled with complicated errors of both syntax and grammar.

 Thankful Thursday, and beyond...

I'm thankful and grateful for my four DD's, Mr. Z, my sister, and the little Wolfie,and last but not least, for friends, far and wide.
 Wolfie, I'm especially grateful for in that he has stayed charming and buoyant even when the Alpha Female snapped, snarled, and howled her way through the past week and a half. Actually, Mr.Z gets some kudos for that, too.
Wolfie, sleeping on the old chair.

In Truth, a preternatural calm overcame me a few days after learning what that Prankster, Fate, had shuffled out of his dark little corner to bestow.  This was only riven, from one hour to the next, by the purest form of unmitigated grief and dread....Thus the howling.

I'm grateful for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Thank you, President Obama.  I'm sorry, Republicans, I think the man has big Golden Wings.

Alas, before this time, when it could have been caught by an indifferent HMO, it was not.  I'll just say that I think that any healthcare organisation which dismisses women as hypochondriacs is a thief, of dollars and of lives.

Also, we, as Americans, need to get the protocol changed for screenings before 50 years of age because there are so many cases turning up in younger people. And, it's a silent killer.

I'm still mostly Wildly Howling inside.  Those little Peace Bells just didn't cut it.


Of course it seemed like a good time to start knitting, yes?  What mood swinging, sometimes catatonic, wildly howling person ever thinks straight?  You can guess that I started my bargaining with God right away, too.  I've been through all five stages already.  If I weren't so emotional this might not be the case, but there you have it.  I'm Certifiably Emotional.

Ah, but back to knitting.  I started working, once more, on the sleeves of DD's pink Stardust sweater. Everything else is finished. The first thing that I did was rip out all that was done because, in my highly focused in state - bordering on blind  insanity-  I thought there was a mistake in the ribbing.  duh.  There wasn't.  I read my notes far too tardily, and E, voila!  There it was in black and white.

Knitting is still very calming.  I think it works better than the peace bell at the moment.

So, it's back to knitting with fran's ten minute rule. Oh, and I just hand washed all the woolie socks but spun dried them to hang.

As to mistakes, mistaken or not, eyes that Glare for days at heartless FATE ,and wish it DEAD, can get awfully sore.

So, anyway,  trudging right along in my narrowly focused little pit of angst, now four rows are back. Nine is a lucky number, yes?  According to THIS Chinese New Year page, it is...

The Nine

Later still:
I have been entertaining my brain in other ways, too.  Happily the eyeballs did not fall out and roll around in the detritus on the floor, so they healed up enough for pretty good focus on knitting projects.  Crying a river is over.

Now for something else, another entertain the brain part.

If you don't like the clear (or plain white) that your soft soaps come in  - including the gallon jugs from Costco/Walmart/CVS - you should hie on down and garner yourself some icing dyes at Michaels, JoAnna or perhaps Harbor Freight, with coupons that will go to waste otherwise.  This is because you probably do, like me, also have every other thing you ever wanted from a fabric/craft/cheap Hardware store and then some!  But I am starting to ramble again.

Taking those usually useless coupons with you ( even though you know these places put EVERYTHING that sells well on sale) and now, I suggest you fool them and score some cake icing dyes of your favorite colors.  You know, slip on under their radar.

Now, my friends,  make changes to your soft soap when you refill.  Next time when you walk into the powder room -  which is just a fancy word for bathroom but daintier sounding - you can get an instant HIGH on the colors of your soaps!  Extravagance happens if you also put some essential oils in, maybe ten drops.  Be sure to buy unscented soft soap in it's mega bottles somewhere, maybe at Costco, or wherever.

The pink is a Wilton: One smidgen only, as the color goes a long ways.
The purple is one drop of left over Neon Pink Egg dye.
It's those dyes that come in cute little bottles with pointed tops
I know that there are fifteen (at least) different and excellent Videos on You Tube dealing with making foaming soap.  I've posted one in the past.
 Mr. Z. has a "He-man" colored, dark green bottle and needs no colors, "thankyouverymuch", so I'm pretty much done at my house.

You can also make your own clear soap refilling liquid but meh.  Soap chips do make good liquid soap, just save them in a jar of water.  This is economical and fun.  If you are a quilter or seamstress, soap chips have a more useful application.  They make great markers!  Waste not, want not, and you also don't have to worry about birds at the land fill eating them and getting sick.  If you aren't worried, shame on you you can always give the chips to a friend who would use them.  Home use only!

I've also spent time contemplating "plant biology".  For instance, I've started studying my breakfast oranges to see if they have an equal or unequal number of segments, and why.  Some oranges have a tiny segment stuck to a big one, that sort of thing.  This one had ten, and yesterday, the orange had eleven.  I can't read a book, you see.  My mind wanders abruptly into dark thoughts and other alley ways.

So, this biology will have to remain a mystery.  I'm not reading anymore.  I wonder if fractals have anything to do with it?  Who doesn't like fractals?

Breakfast orange slices

I have, however, done dozens and dozens of App puzzles, this is one of them:

Isn't it Gorgeous?  From Kris
Even Later:

That puzzle up there reminded me of the Kogi tribe documentary we watched.  It looks a quite a lot like their vision of their Goddess, the one who made the Earth and the Universe.

The Kogi live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Bolivia, and started it all, by "all" I mean the interest in the tribes of the Andes and the alto plano.  The tribe's story is told, once again, by the same man who first filmed them in the late 1980's. I went looking for them last year, but couldn't remember what they were called.  Then I found them again!  All I could remember was that the tribe dressed all in white and they said they repeated the tribal stories everyday because they believed that the earth and universe would disappear if they didn't.

 "Aluna", the newer Documentary of the two, is HERE in this link.  The Kogi's story was riveting in the first documentary, and now it's absolutely compelling.  We are running out of time here.

These Indians have known about dark energy, but for centuries.  This nebula (see above) reminds me of the description of the Goddess, Aluna.   The Kogi may not know the modern science of Physics, but they do know about the universe.  Their knowledge of it they could not have gotten anywhere but from where they say they did, from their ancestors who were entrusted with the Knowledge centuries ago.  I am grateful to them to have shared their story, over 36 years ago, with a then young documentary maker from the BBC.  He has gone back to them and followed them on a journey they undertook to try to change the way the Earth was being treated in the land both inside and outside their mountain home.  I'm not sure that the Pachomama Alliance has got anything to do with this group, so be aware.  Just Sayin...

Even Later Still!

Wishing you Kittens and Puppies!
From JigsawBug

More from K
I do wish that you may walk with Beauty all around you.  If it could heal warriors, the Beauty Way can heal you, too.
Thanks for reading if you made it this far.  


  1. Zippi, my friend, I loved this post. I am sending you hugs, prayers, good thoughts, positive energy and whatever else is needed bouncing it's way all the way from the middle of Kansas to your home. I love the soap idea!! Beautiful colors are always better than clear!! And now I'm off to count the wedges in my adorable little Cuties!! God Bless

  2. Paula, I'm feeling just a little less nuts this evening. And, thanks for all those hugs, prayers, positive energy, heartfelt Blessings and good vibes.. Yes, I felt them.

    Karen, I emailed you. I'll keep you posted.


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