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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday: a night of lightning in the room

I'm very Grateful for some amazing vision like dreams and experiences of a spiritual nature especially when I was with two friends at my house, and at two other separate times.
These events may have been answers to questions I was asking at the time, and I've pondered them in my heart ever since we saw then in 1971.

One involved a friend and our two eldest daughters, late at night.  I never will probably understand why we had these phenomena revealed to us, but life is a continual search for meaning, is it not?.
Now with everything happening in weird ways again, I wonder if this is the time for things to be revealed.  Dear God, I hope so for our family's sake at least.  Help ,please because we all need to have the peace that comes with  you.


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    1. Thank you, Karen, it's getting down to the gritty "knitty".

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    1. Thank you shortybear. They are some little puff deer made in ceramics one year. Those days are over now. lol


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