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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just another Thursday...

I'll be sooooo glad when the weekend is over.

Maybe I'll knit, or maybe not.  But, I did get my arse out the door to visit my sister.  We always have a tech session, over lunch, about the beauties of the iPad and androids devices.  Sometimes we talk plants, which we are both heavily into, as well.

I'm taking a weekend off for sanity, and hopefully some knitting. I have been copying a TON of photos and photo shopping them, so that's that for the eyes for awhile.  

Now to upload all the photos to some cloud thinga somewhere.  No, Google, you are my second choice because you don't seem to give a rat's ass how carefully I put them into folders, or all of my mods.  ;p
Anyway, I anticipate that this will take the most time but the programs are smarter than I am, so I must respect them for that.  

  So far, this is what I would have shown you on Friday, which is a day I won't be on line.   
Unnatural light.. Shroom form

The aqua blue marker is a tiny
memorial from a friend's knit stash
This photo is in Natural light

And this little button, from the Wildlife Federation, is something I found while cleaning out a drawer.  Yes, it is getting done but glacially.  

The button might just be featured in the side bar as a linkable button at some later date.  I've been trying to clean up that side bar, and make things load faster.  

See you in a few!  Sorry to miss out on the meme fun but I need to attend to things around here in the worst way.


  1. Loving that little button!! Have a super weekend my friend!!

  2. Love the pics :-)
    Have a great weekend, and be back soon!

  3. Hi Paula Kay, shortybear and Karen. Thank you for your comments and for reading so long.

    This is the end game. I will be knitting more and blogging about it but politics, meh. At least I hope to God that I keep this promise I've made. I know, in my heart, there is every intention to do.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jedidja. I found it in my mother's things. Since I called my DD "Little Bird" it meant something even more special to me, as you can imagine.


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