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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Getting to know you...

getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to help you like me....

The Getting to Know You Questions

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. You may have heard the expression, “honor among thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we try to credit the blog that we stole it from. We also provide a link to the victim's meme in our "Previous Victims" widget. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") Sometimes we edit the original meme, to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, to select the best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from recently asked questions from a previously post. 

We found this gem from a site named Enkivillage. Its original title was “Questions to ask a guy you want to date”. We only changed the title because the questions were so good, that they are universal. I’d like to thank Kwizgiver for returning during my recent medical leave. 
Thank you to those who have reached out. 
Time to toast! 

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1. Would you prefer to be smart or happy, and why?
I don't want to choose between these two.  I'd rather be happy than sad, and I'd rather be smart than not.  Ignorance, though, is bliss, but only until THEY come for YOU because they don't like you for some dumb reason or another.

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?
I've answered this before and I still choose invisibility.  Why?  I can get anywhere at all.  Anywhere.

3. What is your biggest regret in life so far?
I regret that I never went back soon enough to finish Uni.  I would have been all schooled up when the twins came, because they were going to be here - I think it was in my true destiny. (fate sounded, well, fatalistic, which this event was not)  Anyway... in this way I would have been a decent level wage earner.  I wanted this so much, and because then we would have had enough money for ALL the girls to go to University.   

4. If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?
It wouldn't be anyone.  They are fictional, not real at all.  And that's why I'm not interested in marrying one of them.  

5. If money and career were no object, where in the world would you choose to live?
I'm sure I'd like to live in Norway.  Mr. Z and I talk about this alot.

6. What’s the last book you read that you simply could not put down until you finished?
I'd have to say that it's been so long I've forgotten what it was but it was about a redwood tree and a very tenacious boy with Autism.   It was totally a page burner for me.

Here.. It was The Eagle Tree.  I would read anything this author writes.  He's great!

7. What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live?
None.  I absolutely will not watch commercial TV.  And I can't stand pledge nights though I do understand the need for them.

8. What extracurricular activities or sports did you participate in when you were in high school?
Choir, and I was in GAA all four years.  So, we went to all intramural sports competitions in Tennis, Archery, Field Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, softball, and if there's something else, I don't remember.

9. Of all your pet-peeves, which is the strangest?
Well, I really don't have a lot of pet peeves.  I think I cause pet peeves.  I'm pretty eccentric.

10. Is it better to beg forgiveness or ask permission?
Gee, that certainly depends on what you are up to.  If I were going to go paint a huge crack in a dam someday, I'd say I don't beg.  I would just pay the fine and be done with it.  Love that sort of thing to do.  Just too old and stodgy now.  (read "crippled and fat")  Asking permission for the sort of things I wish I could do is unacceptable.  I tend to be a scofflaw.

11. If you inherited or won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
I would divvy it up and help the kids to buy houses.  

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
That would be telling.

13. Which fictional character do you believe is the most like yourself?
I used to think it was Dinozzo, but now I've watched him in action far too long.  I do not like the way he treats McGee.  Shameful pr--k.

14. Are you superstitious? If so, what are you most superstitious about?
No, sorry, unless it's superstitious to believe in ghosts and superior beings who can thonk you on the ear from time to time.  

15. Do you believe it is vital to everyday life to know what is happening in the world around you?
Immediately around you?  Yes.  But sometimes it's just better to ignore all the horrific gore that sells newspapers and keeps people glued to the Six O'clock News.  I'm not that worried about Trump, because soon he will meet his match, both overtly and covertly, in the Washington "I really do run the world" crowd.

16. What is the nicest thing anybody has said, or you believe they would say, about you?
Well, that's a poser and a half.  I have no idea.  Or it's far too heartrendingly sad and/or private a matter to discuss.  

17. What are your life and career goals in 5, 10 and 15 years?
Well, my dears, I hope that there are no more catastrophic events planned for our family but we are ag├ęd, Father Christmas, and I just don't see any reason to expound on a life that includes more than the week or, at best, the next month.

18. Would you rather live in a large house in the suburbs, or a tiny apartment in the city with an excellent view?
I'll take the excellent one story craftsman house in the suburbs of Santa Cruz that is the one I will haunt if you get to do those sorts of things. *winks*  It also has an excellent view of the marina.

19. What are you three weaknesses?
Decrepitude, Chocolate, and wishful thinking. Yep. those are IT!  lol

20. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Thinker, Do-Gooder, Craftswoman

21. Which is more logical to follow—your heart or your head?
Logic always follows the head.  Art teaches you to follow your heart.  But logic teaches you to be a thinker who examines things in a minute way.  Think of Da Vinci.  There was a thinker who was also an artist.

22. Are you spiritual or religious in any way? If so, how?
I'm very spiritual minded.  I believe Jesus was real, and that his message of LOVE and the commandment there of were the most important messages anyone can take from Christianity.  I am no long OF a particular religion, and haven't been since I slowly morphed into a Quaker/Taoist when I was in my twenties.

23. If you could have any career possible, what would it be?
Art Teacher.  There is a lot of need for committed, skilled art teachers; the school board just doesn't know it.

24. Have you ever been arrested or contracted any diseases?
No.  Gee.  What is this, an "America's Most Wanted" questionnaire?  Well, I just read impybat's blog and liked her answer that everyone has contracted something or other even if just a cold or the flu.

25. Which is better—a novel or a movie?
Both are art forms but what I think you are asking is whether the book is better than the movie made from it.
Sometimes short stories are expanded into movies and some of them are good.  Most books far superior to the movie, which has an entirely different audience and is beholden to more immediate $$$.  It's sad. 
And,  I know I've seen a movie better than the book but, for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.

Thank you for playing this week on Sunday Stealing! Please leave a comment or link when you have posted. Stop back and visit other player’s posts. That is really what this is all about, making new friends! Have a great week. See you next Sunday!


  1. No pet peeves about you from me...in case I haven't mentioned it to you recently, I absolutely adore your spirit and eccentricity.
    I would love a single story craftsman with a view of water, too.

    1. Thank you.. "aw shucks, Ma'am", as they say in the westerns.
      Let's go house hunting! I think the only thing (besides that 10 million dollar home -location location. location) in Santa Cruz would be something maybe in Kansas where housing isn't insanely expensive already?

  2. *sigh* art teacher was one of many of my career aspirations. I cracked up when I read your comment about the Washington run-the-world crowd...my husband was saying pretty much the same thing.

    1. Yep. that thought can't be far from many minds at the moment. Trump is having trouble convincing even some of the adherents of the ULtra Right to take positions in his cabinet, as well he should be. I guess it will be four years of Torture by Sir Donald of Orange. *shudders*

  3. Love love love all of your answers. BUT... Art teacher. There are so many things that have been lost in our education system. Art. Home Ec... That is how I became a baker, my love for baking was developed in Jr. High! Wood/Metal Shop! Being taught attention to detail ... and developing a SKILL ! One of my nieces, Sheila, graduated about 5 years ago. They still taught 'shop'. She had to take something, as she went to summer school each year to be a step ahead. She took wood and metal shop!! She is now working on her masters at Virginia Tech after graduating from West Virginia University, she wants to be an environmental specialist working with both extinct birds and ocean floor fish. Along with all of that, she builds her own stuff for her apartment! Now THAT girl is a CATCH!! :* Have a great week. Are we allowed to share our real names? I am Mary.

    1. Congratulations to your niece for "sticking the landings"! It's wonderful to hear about the hatching of a new environmental scientist. :o)
      About real names, well, sure, though I am too outspoken to share mine. I don't need another troll at the door.
      I think it's a shame what has happened to shop and to home ec. They made all such classes CoEd in my school just a few years before all of them were cancelled from the curriculum. Auto shop was very good, and to cut that was truly brutal. Lots of mechanics and even engineers suffered under those cuts, or would be bakers like yourself.
      Wishing you a great and peaceful week. We need to give the medical stuff a "time out!"

  4. I enjoy what the art teacher at my school does with her program.

    1. Sweet! Give her a hug for me?
      Here, I used to teach art classes as a volunteer, and one very dedicated lady still does this, I think. Everything is tipped toward outer space in Cal schools which is, well, just brutal. There's no other word for it.

  5. Norway is a lovely place to live. I have a high school friend that lives there now and is very happy and sends back beautiful pictures
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

    1. We are even thinking of Iceland as our next life, if that's the way things really are decided. It's nice to have a future somewhere. eh? Canada... ooooo I like that sound of the Far North.

  6. Scofflaw? I think we need to have a meeting at midnight, you and I. I think we might cause some trouble.

    1. Well, you know how rambunctious musicians can be. Yes, let's "recon" under the Colorado Birches and plot out our moves. I reckon that is equidistant.

  7. I also love Chocolate :-) great to read your answer. I am also a Thinker. ( a thinker who is also an writer).

    1. Hiya Jedidja. So, you are a writer, a thinker and a chocoholic. Pleased to meetcha!
      I can claim only two, though I do write songs at night. Just can't sing them anymore. lol

  8. I also do not like pledge nights...drives me nuts!

  9. Pledge nights, I just can't watch them anymore. After 30 years I called it quits! Now, I just watch for what I want to see on Netflix. Hopefully EVERY little fav show will make it there over time. :o) Hugs!


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