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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday9: Bobby Sherman, "Little Woman" . Don't you be calling me that, Dude!

Welcome to Saturday Nine.  

We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love to answer the questions, however, and here is today's questions! 

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song contains many weather references (clouds, rainbows, sunshine, rain). How's the sky where you are today?  
Very Blue, and I'm very glad and thankful!  The new roof is not completely on, but almost done.  And the hot water tank is going back up on the roof!  Yay!  I can wash my hair in warm water! We heat water with Solar.

2) Bobby Sherman sings that when he's alone, he imagines his "Little Woman" is right there beside him. Do you often daydream?  I've always been a daydreamer.  

3) Bobby had a very bright smile. Do you ever use whiteners on your teeth?
No.  Or rather, not that I know of.  Some tooth pastes have them in them.  They make my throat sort of cloggy and a bit sore.
Gee, I don't think so........
Image is from THIS page

4) He was beloved for his shiny hair. If we were to peek in your bathroom, how many haircare products would we find? 
There is shampoo and conditioner.  That's it. Of course there are several bottles of these due to DH and I not using the same products.  Also, I had a shampoo caddy sort of like this one. 
When that puppy slipped down, which it regularly did, I usually had my back  turned to it, and I had a headful of suds!  Every single time, I did a high jump in the shower.  It was like the whole room was coming down on my head.  What a racket!  After the Umpteenth time, I threw it out of the shower!  Maybe it can come in handy as a flower pot hanger outside where it's not a danger.  

5) After high school, Bobby attended Pierce, a community college in the west San Fernando Valley. For culinary students, Pierce offers courses in canning -- specifically apples and peaches. If we were to peek into your pantry, would we find canned fruits?
No, but that didn't used to be the case.  I used to do much more canning of my grandmother's chow chow, grandma's bread and butter pickles, jams, fruit butters, and also did a lot of freezing of berries.  When I was a child, my mother and I canned a whole little urban farm's worth of every sort of vegetable and fruit, and we made several fruit butters.  I still occasionally make Lemon Marmalade, and will still make apple butter if I get my hands on apples, or bread and butter pickles from zucchini. Mother even had a recipe for green tomato chow chow from her mother.  I didn't make that but it's very good!
Chow Chow image and a recipe from HERE

6) As an actor, one of Bobby's earliest performances was on the TV show Honey West. That series revolved around a female "private eye" adept at martial arts. Do you have any self-defense moves (that don't involve a weapon)?
We have a few of Jackie Chan's movies.  He's amazing!  And he's funny, too!  Oh!  You said moves.. well, no, but I can really scream and really put my knee where it hurts a lot.  I can hit an assailant with my cane. 
From Tropes

7) In 1966, Bobby did this rather energetic commercial for milk. Do you often enjoy a glass of milk?  I used to love milk but now almost never drink it.  I can eat ice cream, cheeses and yogurt so it's just the milk for some reason.  Maybe because I haven't had an organic milk. idk

8) When his show business career waned, he became a paramedic. Have you ever called 911?
Twice for me, and a couple of times for other people.

9) Random Question: Which book do you think you could learn more from -- The Joy of Sex or The Joy of Cooking? Definitely The Joy of Cooking.  I have that set by the way.  Cooking is an Art.  As to the other, it's an instinct. To be honest, when a person thinks about it, that is what it is! Lol...

I'm tired kids.  And this is going up early because of it.  I'm going to go take a long nap.  I'm too tired to track down the original net poster of this kitty.  But, I had it saved from an online Puzzle site so that has to be good enough.   If it's not, I'll take it down.
Want to play along?  Go HERE.  


  1. I think that fella under the garage door might be beyond 911! LOL (I know it's a Halloween prank/decoration.)
    I don't do much canning these days, either, though Mom still does a lot with the apples, pears and blueberries that grow on my stepdad's property.
    I picked the Joy of Cooking, too. Sometimes I think all the stuff we can read about sex just puts unrealistic expectations in everyone's minds.

    1. I do too, Stacy. lol - on Both the 911 and on the Joys!
      If I had the access to more fruits from organic orchards, I would probably do more freezing than canning now. or even buy a dehydrator.
      Hope you can rest up after the hectic weeks you've had. Well done, You!

  2. First of all, the kitten actually elicited an audible "aw" from me. The teeth whitening picture? Shudder! It looks like someone is being torturing those troopers from Star Wars.

    Your shower story sounds intense. I mean, the way we start the day can set the stage for all that follows, and that's not how you want to start the day! I like the idea of a planter, though.

    1. Isn't that teeth whiting process scary looking? I thought so, too! That shower thing went on for several years, with me trying to make sure it was set up against the wall before the water went on, and forgetting now and then with the same result of it slamming down against the shower head. Oh Yah, a planter outside, hanging securely on a nail, is a much better use of it's remaining few years.

  3. Your pics are hilarious, especially the tooth whitening one. The kitten is adorable. We had the same problem with a shower caddy, but I found a better one at Bed Bath and Beyond that has stayed in place for well over a year now. It works great. I think I didn't read the question about canned fruits very well. I have never canned anything. My mom did. It looks like a very intense job.

    1. Isn't that tooth whiting thing scary???? I can't use the toothpastes with whiteners, so that would probably close my throat completely.
      And I'm going to shop around for a caddy that stays put! Thanks for the suggestion of Bed, Bath, And Beyond. I like that store and shop there every once in awhile.
      Canning is very intense, and having to make sure the glass ware was clean enough, hot enough, on and on. And all this going on in the middle of the summer heat. Insane! I still like to make the jam, butter, and marmalade. I'd freeze the rest, including strawberry jam, if I ever did it again. That stuff is really good!

  4. I hope you've gotten a lot of rest! I hate to think of Zippi as tired! :)

    1. Thank you Kwizgiver. I'm going to be tired for a long time probably. I'm not taking meds for sleeping anymore at all. That last scary thing with a medicine was enough. I just take naps and get as much sleep as possible at night by taken a veritable horse pill of calcium, an allergy med, and listening to my breath. My little mantra quit working once the OWB was ensconced.

  5. I'm still stuck on that shower thing falling down. I will say that I hate when I am in the shower and I go to open a tub of conditioner and I can't because I can't get a grip on it because it is wet and nobody thought about selling something that can be opened in the shower. Oh- and then there is the shampoo and conditioner in the same looking container but, the print on it is so small that nobody can read it because they are in the shower and thus, not wearing their glasses. Actually, that is how a shower rack comes in hand because I can put shampoos on one shelf and conditioner on another. I could use a nap now too Zip. Stay cool :)

    1. Gad! I have had that problem with a shower tub of stuff. Then Mr. Z found a pump type of packaging at CVS. Now I use another kind, also a pump type for both conditioner and shampoo, and he thinks it's from Sprouts. These puppies are BIG, too. I have to keep them on the floor of the step over stall. They tuck up nicely along the back wall. That small print! sheeesh I just learned that the word, "shampoo" is shorter than "Conditioner" and go by that.

  6. I am envious that you are using solar for heating. I so want to switch over to alternative power sources, particularly to have some kind of back-up for the well pump when the electricity is out. Can't get my hubby to cooperate, though.

    1. We got it switched back in 1984 when our state gave a rebate for solar water heating, and it's terrific.
      My grandma had a little hand pump that brought water into her kitchen sink from the farm well. Maybe that would be a good emergency alternative that your hubby would think was doable? I know that the technology does still exist, because I've seen it still working in some kitchens. I guess you have to have a shallow well. Maybe that's what my grandparents had.
      https://tinyurl.com/y7ffuxko That link goes to Lemanns. It's a secure site.


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