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Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday Craft day...

I've been neglecting my crafting gene, other than knitting, so the troll through Pinterest yielded this ...

From the Etsy shop, Simple Country Burlap,
 whose owner kindly has made this lovely video..

And, I've set my mind and hear(t) to make it!  Hopefully in the next month....

Today I worked today, cleaning and resting; The war on dust is going well.
My sore crooked back has been with me since I was 26 and it's not going to ruin the rest of my life if I can help it.  I have, after all, hauled the ungrateful thing around for 50 years.

I'm also going to make three little burlap and felt pumpkins to go with the cornucopia that I made a few years ago.....  I feel that fall is coming and it can't get here a moment too soon.

This Image is from FairField World  and the pumpkins were created by Pink Lemonade – Keri Lee Sereika  Whose blog is HERE  but who has since graduated to the big leagues of LinkdIn and other social media...

Anyway.... Isn't Pinterest wonderful?

Saturday 9 will publish at midnight....


  1. Those pumpkins look amazing. I bet I could even do that.

    1. I'll bet you could. If I can, it's certain that you can. lol BTW, they are DED easy...

      Thanks for the visit my friend. It's fun to see you jetting around the place again.


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