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Friday, February 14, 2014

And Happy Valentine's Day

RANT about Header Problems with Chrome, which I WAS liking Up to NOW!  I'm playing with the header photos, and it's truly different in Chrome which seems to have problems that Firefox doesn't have. I know what it is:  Chrome can't READ!  I will just use Firefox from the netbook.  The problem will be solved!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I was sitting in the Jeep at the pharmacy, and a nice Pharma Rep came up to the jeep window, wished me a Happy Valentine's Day, and was holding out a specially wrapped Hershey's tootsie pop.  I thanked her and wished her a Happy Valentine's Day, too.   Very cool!  DH already ate it so there is no picture.  But I do have some special snaps.  On the theory that sharing Beauty acts as a CheerMeUp, I hope that it's true.  I've been darned blue lately, and as this is the SUNBELT you would think that seasonal Blues would not take affect!  So... here is a little stuff.  Tussie mussie seasonal blooms- silk - and a tiny heart my sister made for me.

Dining room table.  A Voila!

Tussie Mussie Gigantor

Tiny hanging heart....

Could be the books and the Documentaries, right?  Polly Anna got her fingers burnt!  

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