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Monday, June 27, 2016

Vimeo of Mavericks, high surf in 2014. Lovely.. And a Teeny bit of knitting blahblah Wolfie's fine... And speculation on The Bard.

Bee sent this a couple of years ago but it slipped beneath the radar.  I'm sorry Bee, since it's so beautiful.

 If you ever get to see high surf at Marvercks,  you'll find it exhilarating.

May you "Walk with Beauty all around you."

Knitting report:  I'm getting  one sleeve done a few rows about every other day.  'Tis harder for old hands but not impossible.   Now it looks a little like a grass skirt for a hula dancer, but a braided grass skirt.  I like it.  I also like the color.  I'm a little frightened about getting it finished so that Mr. Z. can wear it.  He made a joke the other day and I thought, "Damn, he's right!  I'd better get this thing done!"

Wolf Report: Our little black dog is showing his age.  He has a mole on the side of his nose now and one on his knee.  I hate moles.  They mark the breaking down of DNA and portend many things unsavory.

What I'm reading:

 I've decided that since I can't find the book I want to read, "Death Comes to Pemberly" by P.D. James, I'm going to read The Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne.  It looks like fun already.   That other one is hiding from me.  I guess it's because I won't watch the movie made from it until I've read the book.  I want to brag that I liked the book better.

This is all stuff and nonescense because that's pretty much what this world has become to me.  "All the world is a stage and every man an actor."  And Shakespeare should know, that is if the Bard really existed and wasn't just Christopher Marlowe, ghostwriting from exile in France. Go France!

Mewling and puking??   Oh my!

Practically no one actually reads this on Monday anyway so it's pretty safe to write trash talk about Shakespeare, eh?
And yes, gentle readers, I'm tired


  1. I'd be interested in the knitting instructions for that grass skirt ;-)

    Love the Maverick video, as well as the Shakespeare excerpt - very talented actors.


  2. Well, OK, and included are the finished aplication instructions as well....

    knit one quarter of a sleeve for Manly Beastly, and stop. Run a string through all the remaining open stitches, snag a dolly, apply some nice mahogany shoe polish to her, and dry for two weeks; insert legs of doll into the opening, (draw-stringed edge of "grass Skirt) and tie on tightly. Sway the doll in front of a camera for a few minutes with hula music playing in the background, and eh, voila! You have a video! Maybe you can have a few plastic palms behind your dancing doll for more "atmosphere". ;-) And half macadamia nut shells could go for the "bra". Oh this is so fun!

  3. :-)))))) :-D
    Excellent point on the macadamia nut shells - I wouldn't have thought of it! :-)

  4. Hahaha! I glad you liked that.

    I used to make dolls and mean to return to that little art along with knitting stuff for them and maybe making little beds. But mostly to use up piles of fabric. I think I'll make them for Christmas presents for charities. It would be fun!


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